favorite fictional redheads: Donna Pinciotti (That 70s Show)


"But what if i never find anyone else?"

"oh you will man, you’ll find somebody great"


Remember when I used to do individual gifs of the teeniest little JH moments in S1? Now that I’ve become more confident with my editing program, I haven’t done any more singles like that.  But I was just in the middle of a bigger project when this jumped out at me, and I had to share it.

Part of why I love the gif I linked to above so much is I feel like their expressions so perfectly exemplify their Beatirce/Benedict relationship in S1. But has anyone else ever noticed how, after Prom Night, no matter what else is going on, Jackie just watches Hyde?  

Like, in every. single. scene:


season 2, people.  it is ON.


Anonymous asked: Do you have any interviews of Danny/Mila together or talking about each other? Or just any behind the scenes stuff with them?


Ya know, surprisingly enough, I do!

I had to dig through my likes to find it, but I remembered that thestupidhelmet posted this lovely little behind-the-scenes moment awhile back that might fit the bill.  Also, in an interview he gave a few years ago, Danny briefly mentions his time on T7S and says that, underneath his tough exterior, Hyde’s sweet side always came to the surface around Jackie.  And lastly, in one of the dvd extras (although I can’t remember which season it’s in, maybe 6 or 7?) he refers to Mila as a “beautiful little Russian fairy”…


Other than that, however, there’s been very little official, on-the-record mention of Jackie and Hyde post-series (see my insane conspiracy theory on that here), and since both Danny and Mila are pretty private people (Mila in particular) they almost never give interviews that aren’t specifically related to whatever projects they’re currently working on.  Danny’s a little more vocal on twitter, and has spoken out a few times about Jackie and Hyde and against S8 specifically for breaking them up, but that’s about it.

BTW, if anyone else has anything to add to this (like an interview or tweet that I might have missed) let me know!!!  I’ve thought about compiling a list of quotes made by TPTB about Jackie and Hyde before, and if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

I hope that helped answer your question, Anon—thanks for the ask!


Here are a few more links: