One gifset per episode - 1x21 “Water Tower”

The only reasonable responses to not being able to go to a Led Zeppelin concert because you have to work.

Episode 3x12 - Fez Gets the Girl

One gifset per episode - 1x20 “A New Hope”


~Classic Comics Saturday~



Inspired by episode 202 - “Red’s Last Day”


Comments: This is the first comic that got a revamp. The new version is above, and the original version is below. The new version has a background, Hyde has arms, Laurie’s in the right outfit for the episode, and the dialogue boxes are uniform.

If I were to revamp the comic again, all the characters would have arms (*loool*) and  be in the right outfits, and they wouldn’t be looking at “the camera” the whole time.

One thing that goes for the original version: the movement of Kelso’s van pops more. Laurie discovered how bouncy Kelso is. What do you think protects him from dying each year when he falls off the water tower?

Fez, this is the story where I ruin my mother’s fabulous water skiing career.